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How do I log in to a Couple event?
Make sure you've signed up for an event — you can't get in without registering.

We'll email and text you an event link approximately 45 minutes before the party is due to start. You also can sign in to your account during the party and the event link will automatically appear on the homepage.
Can I attend a Couple event on my phone?
Yup! Couple is mobile-friendly.
How much does a Couple event cost?
We believe that finding love shouldn't break the bank, so your first two Couple events are on us! After that, ticket prices are dependent on a number of factors: what the event entails, who is attending, etc. Tickets usually range from $0 to $50 per event.

Couple processes all payments through Stripe, a secure third-party program.
What should I wear to a Couple event?
While there's certainly no need to go glam for your Couple event, remember that a little effort goes a long way toward making a good first impression. Be you and be comfortable, but a neat appearance, tidy background, and positive attitude show that you care about yourself and respect your dates.

For more date-night tips, check out these articles from Couple's The Vibe: tips vol 1, tips vol 2, tips vol 3.
What are Couple Coins?
Couple Coins are in-app currency that can be used to purchase fun experience upgrades like requesting a date, icebreakers, virtual gifts, and more.
What can I expect when I log in to the event?
When you first log in to your event, you'll find yourself in one of Couple's fun mingle rooms. Typically there are two mingle rooms MCed by our awesome event hosts, along with game rooms, “topic” rooms, and performance rooms. Before dating starts, you can hop between these rooms by clicking on them.

Once dating rounds start, you'll automatically be matched on speed dates. If there isn't an appropriate match to pair you with during a particular round, you'll keep socializing with your fellow singles in the mingle rooms until the next round. (And don't worry: the event countdown timer displays where you are in the event — which dating round, etc. — so you'll always know what to expect.)
Can I request a date with someone?
During events, you can use Couple Coins to request a date with a user who catches your eye. To do so, simply search for the user or click on that user's video to open the menu. Tap the "request date" option. In the same menu, you'll find options to view their profile or start a text chat.
Can I view or contact users outside of events?
After events, you will only be able to DM and view the profile of people you've mutually matched with. However, once your Compatibility Vector has been compiled, you will be matched across our entire database of users, and we'll offer opportunities to connect you with your best matches outside of events.
What happens on a Couple speed date?
Couple speed dates are private, three-minute-long video conversations between you and your personal matches. While it helps to have some go-to date questions prepared, Couple also offers built-in icebreakers to avoid awkward moments. You can purchase them using Couple Coins.

At the conclusion of your date, you'll receive a few prompts:
We'll send you a link to view and contact your mutual Couple Calls after the event.
Will my matches receive my contact info?
Couple does not give anyone your contact info. When you mutually Couple or Connect with someone at an event, you will be able to message them on the platform itself. From there, you can decide what — if any — information to share with your matches.
Does Couple guarantee a match?
We do our best to facilitate meaningful connections that lead to matches — and 80% of people do walk away from their first event with at least one — but we can't guarantee that you will mutually match with someone at any given event.

The best way to increase your chances of matching is to date as much as possible so that the platform can generate your Compatibility Vector.
Does Couple refund the cost of the event ticket if you don't get a match?
Couple tickets are not refundable. Your ticket grants you access to the entire (awesome!) event: great hosts, live music and comedy, group games and hangs, two one-hour sessions of curated speed dates, and the Couple after-party. And while we can't guarantee a mutual match at any given event, rest assured that we do our absolute best to facilitate meaningful connections that lead to them.
What is the after-party?
When dating is done but your night's just getting started, stick around for the Couple after-party! Our mingle rooms stay open all night, so you can continue to have killer convos, play games, and flirt with your fellow singles.
What is a Compatibility Vector?
Couple's Compatibility Vector is a detailed expression of your personality and preferences that is automatically compiled by AI after it's gotten to know you well.

Couple AI learns about you and other users in real time as you interact on the platform. Unlike old-school apps that rely on self-reported info from tedious profile forms, our AI is always learning about and analyzing your actual behavior, and the resulting Compatibility Vectors provide our matching engine with a much more profound sense of who you are … and who you're most compatible with. In other words, it's the highest-tech and hardest-working matching algorithm in town.
What kind of data is Couple AI collecting? Is my personal info safe?
Your personal information is always 100% safe on Couple.

Couple AI collects data about your real-time behavior on the site. This includes your interactions with the platform itself (clicks, purchases, etc.), and audio and video is recorded and analyzed to generate your Compatibility Vector.
Where can I find tech support during an event?
You can email or call 800-606-7100 for assistance. However, we find most tech issues can be solved if you do one or all of the following:
What if I don't like one of my dates?
Do not end a date simply because you're not attracted to your partner. Unless your date is violating our Rules of Engagement, be kind and stick it out. Your Cut call will ensure that you don't get paired in the future.

However, if your date is violating our rules or they're having major tech issues, you can choose to end the date early. When you click that option, you will be prompted for feedback so that we can better address the issue.
How can I report a problem with a user?
You can report a user issue during a date by choosing the option to leave the date and then following the prompts on screen.

If you'd like to report a problem after an event, please email us at
Can I skip dating rounds, or attend an event without dating at all?
Absolutely! If you want to skip a round of dating or you want to remain in the mingle rooms for the whole event, simply use the toggle at the top of the screen on your computer (or in the “more” menu if attending on your phone) to turn off your dating availability.

Btw, we're all about community and connection, and plenty of people come back to Couple even after they've matched! (Our live performances and games are lit, and some people log on just for the after-party!)
Can I be a Couple host or performer?
We love working with new talent! Email us with your bio, headshot, and links to socials and/or websites that will help our team determine whether you'd be a good fit for our events. (And yes, these are compensated gigs!)