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Woman sitting at a desk with a laptop, looking very bored while she's on a virtual speed date.


Make the most of your Couple experience by avoiding these five dealbreakers

Penelope James   |   Fri, 31 May 2024

Hey there, digital daters! Ready to dive into the world of virtual speed dating? You've probably heard the basics: don’t be a jerk, dress appropriately (yes, pants are non-negotiable), and show up on time. But what about those sneaky dealbreakers that can ruin your virtual date before you even know what's happening? Buckle up, because we're about to uncover five unexpected ways to tank your virtual speed date faster than you can say "buffering."

1. Technical issues: the silent conversation killers

Picture this: you're mid-flirt, dropping your best one-liner, and suddenly ... you freeze. Not in fear, but because your internet connection decided to ghost you. Poor internet, bad lighting, and crummy audio might seem like minor nuisances, but they can turn a promising date into a frustrating mess. No one wants to shout "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?" into the void. So, do yourself a favor—test your tech before showtime.

2. Lack of enthusiasm: bring energy, not monotony

Nothing kills a vibe faster than someone who sounds like they’re narrating a documentary on drying paint. We get it, not everyone is an extrovert, but showing a little enthusiasm goes a long way. Smile, nod, laugh at their jokes (even the bad ones). If you act like you'd rather be anywhere else, don't be surprised if they feel the same.

3. Overly polished or scripted responses: keep it real

Sure, you want to sound smooth and confident, but if you come off like a contestant in a beauty pageant Q&A, you're doing it wrong. Rehearsed lines can make you seem insincere or, worse, robotic. (The only AI we want in our dating is the kind that matches us, amirite?) Let the conversation flow naturally, because authenticity trumps perfection every time. Remember, this isn't a job interview; it's a date!

4. Too much focus on small talk: go big or go home

Small talk is the appetizer of conversation—it’s necessary, but no one came for the breadsticks. If you spend the entire date discussing the weather or the merits of decaf coffee, you’re going to end up in Snoozeville. Don’t be afraid to dive into more interesting topics. Ask about their passions, their weirdest hobbies, or that bizarre Netflix show they binge-watched last weekend. Make it memorable!

5. Ignoring body language: eyes on the prize

Even through a screen, body language speaks volumes. If you’re staring at your keyboard, fidgeting like you’ve got ants in your pants, or crossing your arms like you’re about to get a lecture, you’re sending all the wrong signals. Look into the camera (it’s the virtual equivalent of eye contact), relax your posture, and keep those hands where they can see them. It’s all about showing you’re engaged and interested.


Virtual speed dating can be a blast (especially on Couple, which is speed dating plus SO MUCH MORE!), but only if you avoid these sneaky pitfalls. So, sign up for an event, test your tech, bring your energy, keep it real, dive deep, and mind your body language. You’ve got this! Now go forth and conquer those digital dates with confidence (and maybe a little flair). Happy dating! 🚀💖


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