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Group of friends in circle, at a wedding, smiling looking down at camera


Penelope James   |   Fri, 5 Apr 2024

Wedding season is fast approaching, and let’s be real: for singles, that can sometimes suck. Flying solo at the banner event for coupledom can be both fraught and fun. But fear not, my fellow unattached friends! There’s a silver lining to navigating nuptials sans plus-one, and I'm here to guide you through the pros and cons of being single during wedding season.

Pros of going partnerless

Freedom to mingle (and more). Without a date, you're the master of your social destiny. Want to chat up the cute bridesmaid or the charming best man? Go for it! Weddings can be great places to bump into other singles, and who knows? You might just have the most adorable meet-cute ever.

Dancing like nobody’s watching. Ever noticed how singles often have the most fun on the dance floor? That's because we're there to have a good time, no holds barred. Whether you're busting out a ridiculous line dance or waltzing with the groom's grandma, you're guaranteed to be a hit.

Zero drama. Couples can sometimes face drama at weddings, from deciding whose invitation to accept to dealing with that one relative who asks, "So, when are you two getting married?" As a single, your biggest worry might be whether to have the chicken or the fish.

Travel adventures. Weddings can be the perfect excuse for a mini-vacation, especially if they're destination weddings. Exploring a new city or country, all while celebrating love, can be an exciting adventure. Plus, as a single, you have the freedom to extend your trip and turn it into a personal holiday. Discover the local sights, indulge in some solo dining (hello, room service and no sharing!), and make memories that are all your own.

Cons of cruising solo

The singles table. Ah, the infamous singles table. It can feel a bit like you’re back in high school and being excluded from the cool kids’ corner of the cafeteria, but don't let it get you down. See it as an opportunity to make new friends or at least bond over shared singlehood. Plus, it's usually where the most interesting conversations happen!

Nosy relatives and friends. "So, why are you still single?" If you had a dollar for every time you've been asked that question at weddings, you'd probably have enough to buy your own wedding cake by now. Arm yourself with witty comebacks or simply change the subject to the lovely centerpieces.

Slow songs. There's always that moment when you’re cutting a rug with the best of them and the beat suddenly slows waaaaaaay down. You’ve barely registered what’s happening when you find yourself surrounded by couples glued together on the dance floor. Awkward. But don't sweat it. This is the perfect time to slink away for a bathroom break or to refill your drink. Or, gather the other singles for a group slow dance. Why not?

The plus-one dilemma. Receiving a wedding invitation that doesn't include a plus-one can sting a little, especially if it seems like everyone else is part of a duo. It's a reminder of your single status that can feel exclusionary, but remember, it's often due to venue space or budget constraints, not a personal slight. Use this opportunity to fully engage with the event and the people there. After all, weddings are celebrations of love, not just romantic love but also the love between friends and family.

Navigating wedding season as a single doesn't have to be a series of cringey moments or existential questions about your love life. Embrace the freedom, the fun, and yes, even the quirky challenges that come with flying solo at weddings. Who knows? By the end of the season, you might just find that being single at weddings isn't so bad after all. Plus, you'll have a collection of funny stories, new friends, and maybe even a few dance moves up your sleeve. So put on your party outfit, and let's celebrate love—our way!


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