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A new Couple survey suggests NYC singles are dropping major cash chasing Cupid

Andy Phillips   |   Fri, 26 Jan 2024

Poll time, single pals! How much would you say you spend on your love life each year? Don’t just consider the price of dinner and drinks ... tally up what you spend on dating apps, salon visits, gym time, transportation costs, the works.

Do you have a number in mind? Now compare it to this stat: a new Couple survey suggests that the average single person in New York City spends nearly $25,000 per year on dating.

$25,000. PER. YEAR. That's a staggering number.

While the hard numbers are specific to the New York City metropolitan area, the survey does suggest a general willingness of singles – particularly men – to invest heavily in personal presentation, social activities, and professional services to enhance romantic prospects. Which is interesting, particularly in a place like New York where rent and the general price of living is sky-high. We must really be committed to finding love if we’re knowingly taking on an additional (and significant) financial burden.

Graphic displaying key survey findings from's dating survey. Text says: COUPLE DATING SURVEY KEY FINDINGS  Average spent on dating in NYC:  Per month Single men: $2,423  Single women: $1,487  Per year Single men: $29,078 Single women: $17,840  Per six years* Single men: $174,469  Single women: $107,038  *The average time it takes to find a relationship

So yeah, the findings are rather daunting for single adults, but the good news is that there are dating apps like Couple with a mission to be better. More affordable, yes ... more effective, for sure ... but also more enriching. It’s why Couple is so obsessed with offering live singles parties and virtual speed dating, AI-powered matching, and lots of other fun services that trump the typical app experience.

Check out some more spending stats from the Couple survey in the graphic, and then, if you’re going to be spending money on dating anyway (👀), make it worth your dime and time by signing up for Couple’s next online singles party!


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