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Man and woman on a summer date, sitting on a dock, laughing, eating watermelon


Sunshine, sand, and starry nights

M.J. Santos   |   Fri, 21 Jun 2024

It’s officially summer! The season of sunshine and sizzling romance. There’s just something about warm weather that makes dating so dang fun. In fact, whether you’re single and searching or paired up with a partner, summer dating feels full of promise in a way that dating during other seasons simply doesn't.

So in honor of the June solstice, here are the five best parts of summer love that will never get old.

Endless outdoor date options

Summer is the season when Mother Nature basically yells, “Get out da house!” And honestly, who are we to argue? From picnics in the park to beach days and hiking adventures, the options are as limitless as your imagination. Plus, let’s face it, everything looks more romantic under a blue sky and sunshine.

Well, except for that one time you forgot sunscreen and ended up looking like a lobster in love. But hey, lobsters mate for life, so roll with it!

Old-timey ice cream dates

Listen, whether you’re sixteen or sixty, it doesn’t get better than sharing a scoop of your favorite ice cream with your sweetheart. Summer dating practically requires a visit to the local ice cream parlor. It’s the perfect excuse to try weird and wonderful flavors (we see you, bacon ice cream), and the cherry on top? A little old-timey fun can lead to some very modern-day flirting.

Beach bumming

The beach is the quintessential summer dating spot. Is there anything better than you and your date lounging on a towel, toes in the sand, ocean waves crashing nearby? A date that’s full of building sandcastles and splashing in the water sounds pretty sweet to us. And don’t forget the classic beach volleyball match where you show off your athletic prowess—or lack thereof. And when the sun sets, it’s time for a cozy bonfire, complete with s’mores and stargazing. Perfection.

Summer concerts and carnivals

Nothing says summer romance quite like a concert or a classic carnival. Whether it’s a local band at a small venue or a big-name artist at an outdoor amphitheater, the energy is infectious. Dance like nobody’s watching (even though they definitely are), sing along to your favorite songs, and enjoy the shared experience of live music. And if carnivals are more your style, you can bond over ridiculous games, indulge in too much fair food, and maybe even get matching (temporary?) tattoos.

Road trips without rules

Summer is the perfect time for a road trip. Hop in the car, roll down the windows, and let the wind mess up your hair as you and your date embark on a spontaneous adventure. Explore nearby towns, discover hidden gems, and create inside jokes that will last long after the season ends. Whether it’s a weekend getaway to a cozy cabin or a day trip to a quirky roadside attraction, the journey is just as fun as the destination. Just don’t forget to pack snacks—hangry is not a good look on anyone.

Ultimately, summer dating is all about making the most of the sunny weather and creating memories that will keep you warm long after the leaves start to fall. So, grab your sunscreen, your sense of adventure, and someone special to share it all with, because summer love is ON!


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