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The Vibe staff   |   Fri, 19 Apr 2024

With Date ‘Til You Die set to kick off on Thursday, now is the time to gear up for an epic evening of romance and connection. Whether you're aiming to be one of the last 30 daters standing or simply looking to make the most of your night, we've got a treasure trove of strategies to help you navigate this marathon of love.

Read on and get registered: the matchmaking madness starts Thursday, April 25, at 7pm ET!

Pre-event prep: get set for success

Before you log on, let's ensure you're fully equipped to go the distance. First tip: arrive well-rested. If you’re tired and dragging, not only will you lack charisma on your dates, but you also may not have the energy to endure the many rounds of dates ahead of you. You wanna find love and make bank, don’t you? So get lots of zzzs the night before!

Second, with a long night of dating ahead, pacing yourself is crucial. Have drinks and snacks on hand to prevent dehydration or hangry mood swings.

Third, show up with some conversation starters in hand. We’ve provided some samples below to get you started, but see if you can put your own spin on them to make them shine.

- If you could have dinner with any fictional character, who would it be and why?
- What's the most spontaneous thing you've ever done?
- What's a passion of yours that might surprise me?
- If you could teleport to anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
- What's a book or movie that changed your perspective on something?

Pro tip: don’t skip this last step. Having a few of these questions ready can be your lifeline if the chat needs a little nudge. Remember, the goal is to spark a connection, so be ready to share your answers as well!

Mid-event engagement: stay present and HAVE FUN!

In the whirlwind of "dating 'til you die," your ability to stay engaged and present can make all the difference. It's not just about the quantity of dates ... it's the quality of connection that counts. Here's how to ensure each conversation leaves a lasting impression:

Engage in active listening. Show genuine interest in what your dates are saying. Nod, smile, and respond with thoughtful comments or questions that demonstrate you're truly paying attention.

Share and connect. While it's great to learn about your date, sharing about yourself is equally important. Open up and share personal anecdotes or interests. This reciprocity builds trust and can spark deeper connections.

Find common ground. Seek out shared interests or experiences. Finding common ground can fast-track a sense of familiarity and comfort.

Be enthusiastic. Show excitement about the process. Enthusiasm is infectious and can transform a mundane exchange into an energizing and memorable one. Plus, this is supposed to be a fun experience, so enjoy yourself!

Practice mindfulness. Amidst the rapid succession of dates, it's crucial to stay mindful and treat each interaction as unique. Avoid blending conversations together – each date deserves your individual attention.

Participate in Couple games and activities. They offer another fun way to connect (and a great rest between dating rounds)!

Laugh about the absurdity of this crazy event. I mean, let’s be real: is this a goofy way to meet, or what?

Post-event connection: check the dating data and follow up!

After the event, the journey continues. Log on to the Couple website to discover your mutual matches, complete with a plethora of insights to fuel your follow-ups:

Check your chemistry scores. See how you vibed with your matches and prioritize who you might want to connect with first.

Review your conversation summaries. Reflect on what was discussed, and identify common threads you might want to explore further with your fave mutual matches.

Consider our AI-Powered suggestions. Our AI matchmaker offers tailored message suggestions, helping you break the ice post-event with ease.

Ready to sign up?

Now that you're armed with strategies and insights, do you feel ready to take the challenge? Yeah ya do!

Register now if you haven’t done so already, and we’ll see you and allllll the other singles on Thursday!


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