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How dating is becoming less transactional and more 'true love'

Penelope James   |   Fri, 24 May 2024

In the wham-bam world of modern dating, a noticeable shift is occurring. More and more singles are moving away from the transactional hook-up culture and leaning towards forming genuine connections.

How wholesome, right?

But what are the reasons behind this sudden and sweetly sincere change of heart? Let's dive in and explore the evolving trend that Couple totally called (ahem).

The rise of genuine connections

In recent years, people have begun to approach dating differently. The appeal of quick, casual encounters seems to be waning, replaced by a desire for more meaningful interactions. According to our fellow dating and relationship experts, this trend is driven by a few key factors:

1. Burnout from superficial swiping and shallow interactions. Many singles have expressed fatigue from the repetitive cycle of fleeting connections that don't lead to anything substantial. The excitement of casual hook-ups can quickly fade, leaving a sense of emptiness and a craving for deeper emotional bonds.

2. Increased focus on mental health and wellbeing. With growing awareness around mental health, individuals are prioritizing their emotional and physical wellbeing over, well, getting lit and getting laid. This shift has led to a preference for relationships that offer genuine support and understanding, rather than those based purely on physical attraction and beer goggles. Look at us evolving!

3. The use of virtual meetups as a filter. The pandemic forever changed how we date, with virtual meetups becoming a common precursor to in-person dates. This (Couple-led?) trend allows singles to filter out incompatible matches before investing time and energy, thus fostering connections based on more than just physical chemistry.

The fall of superficial standards

Another interesting aspect of this trend is the move away from superficial standards. People are becoming more attuned to their personal values and are seeking partners who align with their long-term goals and beliefs. This deeper level of vetting often involves discussing important topics early on, such as future aspirations, family values, and life goals.

Emotional compatibility is now at the forefront of what singles are looking for in a partner. Traits like empathy, communication skills, and emotional intelligence are becoming more valued than ever. This shift is not just about finding someone to date, but about building a partnership that offers mutual support and growth.

The boom in long-distance and non-traditional relationships

Interestingly, there's also been a rise in the long-distance and non-traditional relationships. With remote work becoming more common, singles are more open to dating across different locations. Additionally, there's an increasing openness to ethical non-monogamy and other non-traditional relationship structures, indicating a broader acceptance of diverse ways to connect and form relationships. (Three cheers for love!)

But whatever type of relationship youโ€™re looking for, it does seem clear that the days of purely transactional dating are on the decline for many singles. Today we are increasingly seeking real, meaningful connections that enrich our lives emotionally and mentally. As we continue to navigate the complexities of modern dating, it's heartening to see a trend towards deeper, more authentic relationships. So, the next time you're swiping or sizing up your Couple speed date, maybe take a moment to look beyond the physical and see if there's potential for something truly meaningful. After all, isn't that what we're all ultimately looking for?


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