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Portrait of certified dating coach Tatoya Turner-Robinson


This multi-certified coach helps singles blossom in love by flourishing in life

Penelope James   |   Fri, 10 Mar 2023

Each month, The Vibe has the privilege of interviewing a dating and relationship coach – a real-life Cupid who is passionate about helping singles navigate the sometimes challenging landscape of love and dating.

As March begins and spring approaches, we thought it only appropriate to chat with Tatoya Turner-Robinson, the founder of Blossom in Love, a program that offers dating/relationship coaching, matchmaking, dating-app consultations, and workshops that help singles and couples develop healthy relationships that blossom in all seasons.

Tatoya has extensive counseling experience and is a certified life coach and workshop facilitator (among other accolades). She works with clients to develop a healthy habit of self-evaluation and introspection – the keys, in her mind, to ultimately finding love and maintaining successful relationships.

We send our thanks to Tatoya for sharing her insight and expertise with us and the Couple community, and we invite you to visit her website for more information about the services she offers.

What inspired you to become a dating and relationship coach?

Since a young age, I’ve been passionate about motivating others and helping them find their purpose in life. In undergrad, I had the privilege of counseling women and teens at non-profits and youth programs. I was also awarded dual bachelor's degrees from Rutgers University and a Master of Education in Counseling from Angelo State University.

As my expertise grew, I began to host events bringing singles together to discuss dating topics; this is ultimately what inspired me to become a certified dating and relationship coach for one of the highest-rated matchmaking companies around! Being a coach has been such an amazing experience for me as it’s allowed me to help hundreds of clients looking for love. With my guidance and training, many have gone on to develop healthy long-lasting relationships.

Describe your average client. Who are they and why do they work with a dating coach?

Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to work with a wide array of clients. I'm there to offer advice and support, whether they are navigating their first dating encounter or are seasoned daters. I work with both men and women of all ages and backgrounds. For those unfamiliar with dating, I help them learn how to make positive first impressions and understand key concepts, like pacing, before they even start. Likewise, individuals who have been hurt in the past benefit from conversations that help them heal and overcome limiting beliefs blocking them from finding a true connection. In either case, my clients are better prepared to journey down new romantic paths due to the time we've spent together.

Despite any similarities, I never assume that any two clients are the same. When developing a customized coaching plan to work towards the intended outcome or objective, I take all factors into consideration, which is something clients seem to appreciate.

In your opinion, what is the top dating challenge facing singles today?

The consensus among my clients is that, since social networks have taken over, it is difficult to discover organic ways to connect with others who share their interests. To prevent clients from wasting valuable time in pointless entanglements, I spend time explaining red flags and personal dealbreakers, because meeting a representative rather than a genuine person is disappointing.

Furthermore, I think that singles can experience dating frustration when their expectations aren't met, which makes them feel hopeless. I think dating should be exploratory in nature and that the best strategy is to have a solid sense of your standards while keeping an open heart and mind.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of dating apps?

Most of my clients either have or currently utilize dating apps. I believe that their primary benefit is that they provide thousands of people with convenience and access. The drawback is that you can't tell if the person you swipe right for is looking to connect with you seriously or if they only want to hook up.

Finding a proper match or someone worth getting to know can be time-consuming and exhausting. Additionally, I believe that as people become more reliant on dating apps, they are less likely to seize opportunities to make connections when they go out, so their social skills may deteriorate over time.

What’s one piece of dating advice you’d offer to all singles?

It's important to remember that with enough effort and commitment, anything can be beautiful in the end. Before you meet your special someone, make sure that you dedicate time to becoming the best version of yourself. It's never a good feeling when you come across an amazing match, only to realize that you're not ready, unstable, or unable to establish a lasting connection.

By putting as much effort into your emotional health as you do in other aspects of your life – such as improving your appearance, succeeding in your career, or reaching academic goals – you can avoid squandering romantic connections. A common misconception is that love will happen by chance, and that is rare. If you need assistance, getting coaching is a great option!

Any other dating insight you’d like to share?

The basis for Blossom in Love is being receptive to learning from both your own experiences and the lessons of other people. The more you know the more you grow!

If you’re looking for coaching and support in your love life, visit Blossom in Love to learn more about Tatoya’s services and to access her social media accounts. She also invites you to email any questions to her directly at


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