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Couple’s marathon speed-dating event set romance records

M.J. Santos   |   Fri, 4 Nov 2022

We came. We saw. We speed-dated.

Oooooh boy, did we speed-date.

Last night’s Date ‘Til You Drop marathon was a huge – and we mean huge – success. It was Couple’s biggest speed-dating event to date, and it certainly inspired us to make every single one of our events just as large and lit as last night’s lovefest.

Couple community, you know how to date like it’s a party. Sheesh. Keep it coming!

Check out the event highlights below, and then get yourself registered for next week’s speed-dating soiree. We might not be celebrating National Sandwich Day or dating ‘til we drop next Thursday, but let’s be real ... every Couple event brings the 🔥!

Couple broke some speed-dating records 🏆🎉

While we came up short in setting the world speed-dating record, we did set some big-ole records for the platform! A total of 412 singles attended the event, which, as you can imagine, resulted in a heckuva lot of dates.

Specifically, there were 61 dating rounds (shoutout to Couple user Jenna S. for predicting we’d go 60 rounds … we’ll email you your sammie gift card ASAP!) and 1,716 total dates. We’re gonna call that a successful night of matchmaking!

Couple connected TONS of mutual matches ❤️‍🔥

In another Couple record, the Date ‘Til You Drop speed-dating event introduced nearly 900 mutual matches throughout the night! That’s right, 900 matches in only four hours of dating. Just shy of 90 people walked away with a mutual “couple,” and about 800 people made mutual “connections.”

And while the numbers speak for themselves, it was also nice to hear users respond to the experience in their own words. Here’s a smattering of complimentary comments that we overheard in the Mingle Rooms (#HumbleBrag):

“This is crazy! This is how beautiful technology is right now.” - Max

“What a really nice platform. I’m surprised. I already made a friend and we have plans to go out!” - Kiley

“I love that you can date people and then mingle with them afterward!” - Akiva

“I’m enjoying this and connecting with a lot of people!” - Sasha

“A great thing about dating on Couple is you’ll never be featured on an episode of
Catfished.” - Jay

Couple gave away $20K in prizes 💚💰

And lest we forget, love wasn’t the only prize on the line. We had some loot to give away, too!

An impressive 334 daters lasted at least 20 rounds of dating and won $10 Subway gift cards and 1,000 in Couple Coins. And, though the event was officially slated to end when only 25 daters were left, after round 61, our remaining 95 participants had already dated all of their possible matches, so we kicked off the after-party and awarded everyone still in attendance! These last holdouts each won $80 Amazon gift cards and 30,000 Couple Coins!

All in all, the night was awesome, and we look forward to hosting another marathon event down the line. Until then, we’ll see you at our weekly hour-long events on Thursday!


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