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Man with arm around woman's shoulder walking on street wearing sunglasses on sunny day. Woman hugging man from behind wearing hat and sunglasses, and an attractive young couple posing for the camera. Man hugging woman from behind both wearing sunglasses on sunny day.

Online singles parties with live entertainment, speed dating, and AI matching.

AI gets you so you get real love

Man and woman in sunglasses with overlaying charts illustrating compatibility. Couple online singles parties Couple online singles parties

love stories

Candace and Jake
Peter and Maya
Deidra and Jamar
Couple online singles parties
Couple online singles parties

Dating on Couple

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Couple online singles parties are lit. Interactive games, live music and comedy, brilliant hosts, laidback speed dates ... you're going to love looking for love.
Five young men and women sing into microphones with video thumbnails from a Couple event layered on top.
Showcase your true self Couple AI learns who you are (and who you like) by considering all of your interactions at our events. (AI-mazing.)
Woman looking at her smartphone with futuristic lines tracing her face.
Get your Compatibility Vector After dating twenty people, Couple compiles your Compatibility Vector. Unique as a fingerprint, your Vector is a detailed expression of your personality and preferences.
Man and woman dating on Couple's platform with other potential matches on either side.
Bring on your best matches Once your Compatibility Vector is complete, Couple's AI algorithm will search our entire user base for your perfect matches, who you'll meet on one-of-a-kind speed dates.
Man at a restaurant table with a woman inside a smartphone screen, holding a glass of wine.

Join and meet your AI-ncredible matches today.

Our next online speed-dating party is this Thursday at 7pm ET.

Couple online singles parties Couple online singles parties

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